Texas HS Football

The Wildcocks are your typical Texas High School Football team, just outside of Dallas in a small town with big competition. Coach Dale Carl Jr is the Head Coach with his job on the line and his only 5 star recruit put on Injured Reserve for blowing off his fingers in a fire cracker accident. Coach's butt is now on fire, however Booster Reggie comes in with a plan. He's managed to get a 5 star recruit who happens to be the Son of Ex- NFL Legendary QB Troy Big Time Johnson to come. However there is a big catch..... Luckily there is a film crew there for the season to document the ride!
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He’s missed the playoffs the last two years...However, going into his 20th season as The Wildcocks head coach in which he’s won 3 State Titles during that time but none in the last 3 years.